Undergraduate Study Abroad Admissions

The application process is quick and easy for students interested in our study abroad programme. Prospective applicants should first consult with their Study Abroad advisor about their academic preparedness and personal aims for their semester or year abroad. 

When applying for the Study Abroad programme at the Centre for European Studies, candidates must submit the following documents:

  • Completed application. Download:  word document or pdf,
  • Written approval to study at the Jagiellonian University from their academic adviser, study abroad counsellor and/or Registrar of their home institution,
  • Transcript or other records of their academic achievements including degrees earned,
  • Curriculum vitae (resumé),
  • Two passport photographs,
  • Photocopy of the first page of passport (showing photograph and name),
  • Proof of English proficiency (non-native speakers only). 

All documents must be sent be postmarked at the latest by:

  • 31 December 2017 for the spring 2018 semester
  • 30 June 2018 for the autumn 2018 semester

Deadline extensions may be granted in rare cases and require a written recommendation by a full faculty member from their home university.

After an application has been considered, a candidate is sent a letter of acceptance or rejection. This letter will be mailed to the student's home institution no later than one calendar month after the deadline for the semester.