MA Application

Prospective students should carefully review the application procedure outlined below. Please also review the application deadline timetable

When applying online, prospective students must register for one specialisation. Students may change their specialisation once accepted, if necessary.

Applicants have 20 minutes to complete the online application. The Statement of Purpose form is available in the "See Also" column, so that applicants may plan their response.

Please be advised that an applicant must apply as an EU citizen in order to qualify for the lower tuition fee (5,400 euro). If you are  a non-EU citizen, but are of Polish heritage, please contact the CES office before filling out your application in order to consult your eligibility for the lower rate. Once an applicant declares his/herself as a non-EU citizen, this will be binding and the student will be obliged to pay 7,600 euro (the tuition for non-EU students).


The Centre for European Studies requires all candidates to submit the following as part of their application to CES:



  • Scanned online application signed by the applicant,
  • Scan of the most recent diploma obtained,
  • Scan of the applicant's passport (photo page) or EU national ID card,
  • Scan of the candidate's Curriculum Vitae (Résumé) completed in the Europass CV format,
  • Scan of the candidate's Foreign Language Skills document completed in the Europass Language Passport format.


  • Official transcript, which includes a full list of completed courses and final marks (grades), or copy of the Diploma supplement (if applicable),
  • Two confidential letters of recommendation sealed and signed across the envelope flap (Go to "See Also" column for recommendation form template),
  • Sworn translation into English or Polish of all documents submitted if they were issued in a language other than English or Polish.

All official transcripts and recommendation letters must be sent directly to the Centre for European Studies:

Centre for European Studies
ul. Garbarska 7A
Krakow, 31-131


  • Application Fee of 18,00 EUR / 24,00 USD / 75,00 PLN (non-refundable).

Documents Required Upon Enrolment

Once admitted, the applicant will be required to officially confirm the offer and formally enrol into the programme. Additionally he/she will need to provide supplementary documents. Please consult the list of documents required upon enrolment in order to complete your registration for the programme as well as the deadlines for enrolment and submission.

Documents Required Upon Arrival

Once the student has confirmed his/her registration at CES, a few documents will be required upon arrival. Students should ensure that they collect these documents before their departure to Poland. The deadline to submit (depending on the application round) is 15 October 2015 or 24 October 2015.


Applicants for the IMESS (University College of London), IMRCEES (University of Glasgow) and European Studies/European and Global Governance (University of Kent) should apply to the respective Consortium coordinator.