Language Courses

Languages are an important part of the curriculum at the Centre for European Studies. We currently offer several levels of Polish each semester (from beginners' to upper-intermediate) as well as German, French and Russian at beginners level. Apart from Polish, all language classes in the spring semester are the continuation of those taught in the autumn semester. Language courses are intensive and students can expect to make significant progress. 


In October, all students (including beginners) are required to take a placement test, after which students are divided into appropriate level groups from A1 to C2. Depending on the students' abilities, we match the levels of the group to the students' capabilities and combine levels if necessary; e.g. A1/A2, A2/B1, B1/B2, B2/C1, C1/C2.

All syllabus, aims, objects and results are based on "Common European Framework of References for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment" Council of Europe, CUP 2001.


MA students are required to attend at least two consecutive semesters of one language, and may take a total of four semesters of language classes without extra fees (i.e. four semesters of one language or two semesters of one and two semesters of another). Students are recommended to take Polish unless their level is already sufficiently high, in which they should take French, German or Russian. Language instruction at a given level will only take place when at least three students are registered for the course. IMESS students will continue to take Polish in the second year of their studies.

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