CES Calendar

The MA and Study Abroad Student Calendars detail Jagiellonian University academic holidays, Polish national holidays as well as major CES deadlines and final exam sessions.

On academic holidays, there are no classes or examinations. The main University offices are usually closed. Those offices that remain open typically operate with reduced hours and staff. Instructors are usually unavailable for consultation during academic holidays.

The Rector may also declare additional academic holidays throughtout the year. These are known as "Rector's hours" and are usually declared by the Rector relatively close in time to the holiday.

On Polish national holidays, the Jagiellonian University as well as all government institutions and most private businesses are closed. Remember to shop for food and other necessities before the holidays.

In addition to the academic calendar 2015/2016, CES provides MA and Study Abroad students with their respective online daily course calendars. These calendars may be checked daily for the course schedule for that specific day; therefore making communication between CES offices, instructors and students more efficient.