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Kasia (US):

 I choose European Studies because I wanted to expand  my basic knowledge of European history and politics and  to be able to understand contemporary European culture  and society and its continuing impact upon today's world.  It's the  whole package: Krakow, the CES program, and  all the  fantastic students and faculty. It's all relevant and  encouraged me to broaden my cultural and intellectual  horizons.




 Adrian (Switzerland):

 The Centre for European Studies at the Jagiellonian  Unviersity in Kraków is an excellent institution to learn  more about the European Union. The teaching staff is very  skilled and the topics and subjects being taught are very  diverse. I also had the opportunity to learn Polish. I had a  wonderful time, living and studying in one of the most  beautiful cities in Poland and spending time with students  from all over the world. I chose European studies because  it includes sociology, politics and history.I learned a lot  about the various aspects and institutions of the European Union which helps me to understand how this supranational entity works.




 Heloisa (Italy):

 CES MA program was to me a unique many-  sided experience: high-quality  academia and  theoretical knowledge got together with first-  hand experience and lots of additional activities.  CES life does in fact take  place in its little nice 

institute, with very good study-facilities  (remarkably, both lounge room and student lab are open 24h/7!) and often  flows into Cracow's cafes and pubs afterwards;) I am grateful for my  professors' passion in lecturing and even more for the care+commitment  demonstrated by CES' staff: this was the key to the warm and joyful  atmosphere I experienced. There is no doubt I spent 2 years of intense studying… with great people in a wonderful place;)


 Nevena (Serbia):

 I wanted to learn more about Central Europe by  studying in a Central European city. I have  considerablyexpanded my understanding of  cultural, political and societal features of Central  and Eastern European region. This programme  has provided me with in-depth knowledge about  the process of the Eastern enlargement of the European Union. I had an opportunity to get in touch with scholars and students who have similar interests. Besides academic development, studying at CES enables a unique all-inclusive experience for personal growth. People come to study at CES from a wide range of countries. This mixture of nationalities and cultures makes the atmosphere at CES vibrant, enriching and fulfilling. Thanks to that, students have exclusive opportunity to broaden their horizons, discover similarities and differences between cultures and break stereotypes.


 Nino  (Georgia):

 CES has changed my life and shifted a lot my views on the  outside world. It gave me a possibility for a new start in my life.  A big part of CES experience is people you meet, experiences  you get together outside of a classroom and great memories you  have for the rest of your life!  





 Romain  (France) :

 I have chosen the CES in order to meet Poland  and to learn about an area that unfortunately  keeps on being too much unknown in Europe.  Studying there gave me the opportunity to find  Europe in all its dimensions and to broaden my  mind by debating and sharing opinions from all  around the world. CES is an experiment that does not narrow you to a specialisation but gives you the keys to open the doors of perceptions.



Artem (Ukraine):

 Studying at CES has equipped me with  knowledge of the  institutional foundations of the EU and the main  strategies and approaches of its foreign  policy.  Therefore, it has substantially  complemented my  research on Ukraine's   democratic transition and its  foreign      policy, providing me with the opportunity  to see a full picture of ‘external-internal  factors' interplay in Ukraine's long-  lasting political transformation.



 Katarina (Croatia):

 I spend the second year of my Erasmus Mundus  Programme attending the European Studies track at CES.  I chose this programme/track as I wanted to gain in-  depth knowledge on the EU affairs. In addition, I have  studied in Poland before, so I was sure that I was making  the best decision as to the country of destination for my second year. In my opinion, the value of this programme is the fact that the study of the EU affairs is done from the perspective of the Central and East European Countries. In this way, I would argue, I benefited by having a different perspective to the area of European studies.

» Alumni on the Map

» Meet CES Alumni

MeetCESAlumni is alumni speaker series that brings CES Alumni back to CES to share their pathways to different careers and successes.  CES Alumni speakers are coming from different fields: public, private and NGO sectors.

Events will consist of apresentation with following  Q & A session from the audience.  

MeetCESAlumni is a great opportunity for current CES students to get tips for thriving in the graduate employment environment. To become next Alumni guest speaker please contact Anna Melnyk at anna.melnyk@uj.edu.pl.